How to Find Your Perfect Legal Job

If you’re a solicitor, or a legal executive, and looking for a new job, then you might think that you’ve looked everywhere, and still can’t find the right job for you. Here are some places that you might not have considered yet.

1. If you know that there are many firms of solicitors either where you live, or where you work, then you might want to see if they have the position that you’re looking for.

2. There might be a firm of nationally solicitors that you’d like to work for, and so you might want to see if they are recruiting for a role that you would be suitable for, and interested in.

3. Even in this day and age, you might still be lucky and find your dream job in one of your local newspapers. Perhaps you want to work for a more traditional firm of solicitors, who wouldn’t think of advertising their jobs anywhere else but in the paper.

4. National newspapers often advertise legal positions, and so you might find something suitable, especially if you’re already in a big city, or prepared to move house.

5. It’s not unthinkable that you might find your next legal job through word of mouth or via your friends and family. Somebody’s always moving house, or getting divorced, and so using a firm of solicitors. They might have seen an advert, or overheard someone on the train talking about needing to recruit a solicitor. Why not make the most of your contacts too?

6. General recruitment websites can be extremely effective when looking for jobs, and offer the ability to search using lots of different criteria. By having suitable jobs emailed to you on a daily basis, you’re bound to be able to find a better job.

7. Legal websites might also have information about practices that are expanding, or taking on new solicitors for a particular case, or branching out into different areas of the law. Why not keep your eye on what’s going on in the legal world and see if you can get a new job this way?

8. Solicitors’ websites also have recruitment pages, so if you know that you’d like to work in a particular town, why not see if any of the solicitors there are hiring?

9. Perhaps you know exactly who you’d like to work for, or where, and s o you might want to send off on spec applications, to see if anyone can offer you the legal job you’re looking for.

10. One of the more effective ways, is to use a specialised legal recruitment website. This means that you are only dealing with legal jobs, rather than any job that mentions legal or law, or is a job at a firm of solicitors. You might have specific skills, experience and qualifications, and know exactly what role you want, and so this might be your best chance of getting your dream job.

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